Marvel fans and Ryan Reynolds have both been anxiously anticipating a Deadpool movie since 2005. Ten years later, an official trailer has just been released. Due to be released anytime in 2016, fans are already going crazy over it. Deadpool has always been a favorite character of the comic book readers, but gained a whole new audience after a cameo in Wolverine; Origins. Growing up with abusive parents, running away as a teenager, training as an assassin and working as a mercenary molded Wade Wilson into a very different kind of hero.

A fan favorite simply because of his crazy and witty behavior, Wilson often breaks Deadpool Movie Comedy Imagethe fourth wall and addresses the reader/watcher directly. Going so far as to comment on the fact that hes a comic character. His witty banter with the many voices in his own head makes him mentally unstable, but definitely loveable. A cancer diagnosis was the catalyst for Wilson volunteering to let a government research lab use him to experiment the “Weapon X” mutant weaponization project (also the same place Wolverine got his Adamantium skeleton). During his time as the experiment subject of Dr. Killbrew, he gained super-healing power that cured his cancer, and made it impossible for him to die (he has literally grown a new head a few times).

These experiments left extreme scars all over his body, making the need for the full-body suit and mask apparent. The healing powers also reject medicine and drugs, making his mental instability ever apparent. The name Deadpool came from a group of experimental subjects betting on who would be the last to die at the hand of Dr. Killbrew. Leading a rebellion and escape, Wilson took the name as his nom de plume. With many different villains and lovers, Deadpool spans the entire comic universe. His mouth being sown shut in Wolverine: Origins, makes the character lovers little disappointed.

The preview and the teases, promise a movie where Deadpool is true to the comic and the character. Advance buy your ticket now, they’ll be sold out when you want them.