They say that teaser trailers for mysteries or thrillers have a complex balancing act to maintain. It is important for them to illustrate the enigma and tantalize audiences with the story’s plotline without giving too much away. Great examples of balance would include Inception’s trailer, while poor examples which gave away plot twists bring to mind What Lies Beneath. Unfortunately, most are attributing the trailer for Amnesiac to the latter of these two categories as it seemingly conveys every last detail of the film.Amnesiac Movie Poster
With stars like Wes Bentley and Kate Bosworth, the movie had the makings of a mesmerizing thriller. Following Bentley’s memory deprived father after he awakens from a car crash, there is a spoiler of sorts. Kate Bosworth’s wife is apparently holding him hostage and pretending to be his loving spouse before her true cruel intentions are revealed.
Reminding audiences of a Misery redux with some amnesia thrown into the mix for good measure, it is directed by Michael Polish (Bosworth’s husband.) With his eye for composition, we still have high hopes that its release on August 14th will be received well as the actors make the premise enjoyable.