Move over Hollywood scream queens, because Bella Thorne has arrived. Starring in the new thriller, Big Sky, the film’s exclusive trailer shows poor Bella get terrorized. Screaming with the best of them, Thorne portrays Hazel, a young woman consumed with agoraphobia. With a deathly fear of open spaces, that would seem like enough of a challenge. However, her mother played by Kyra Sedgwick and Hazel are viciously attacked by masked gunmen while in route to a treatment facility and a war with her fear ensues for sheer survival.Big Sky Movie Poster
The film’s tagline states “just breathe,” which is aptly stated as all Bella’s character can do to cope is just that. Her terror is displayed openly in her eyes as the evil creepy men approach. Hazel’s battle will not be one easily won. As Thorne’s scary movie silver screen debut follows her big murder in the opening scene of MTV’s television version of Scream. Both of these roles will be followed by Big Sky ImageAmityville: The Reawakening and Home Invasion.
It seems Miss Bella Thorne has a hell of a horror career in the making. Big Sky opens in limited release for New York and Los Angeles and on demand this Friday, August 14th. Watch the captivating trailer below and try to keep your screams down.