The summer’s upcoming horror film “The Gift” stars Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and its director Joel Edgerton. Impressing critics everywhere, its tale of a typical married couple encountering a rather unsettling old high school pal called Gordo doesn’t seem all that horrific…at first. Both written and directed by Edgerton who portrays the peculiar old friend Gordo, it is his feature length debut and from the resounding applause of critics, The Gift is a smashing success. Appearing before inThe Gift Movie Image films like The Great Gatsby and Exodus: Gods and Kings, many reviewers of the epic new horror flick are referring to it as “a Hitchcockian exercise in deception.”
Also commonly called “masterful” and “tremendously sly…may be the most unnerving in any mainstream American thriller since Seven,” makes the reviews quite a surprise for moviegoers as it’s not a big budget film. Especially in the season of the horror genre in which scary movies seem to pump through theaters as though factory produced, The Gift is a refreshing surprise when one thinks of such mainstream horrors as Annabelle, Ouija or Unfriended.
So if you’re looking for an innovative new take on the genre that has some throwback hues to the classic Hitchcock himself, be sure to check out The Gift as it premieres August 7th.